Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review of MAC ''Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder'':

So, after using this ''Transparent finishing powder'' (o.32 oz/ 9g) from MAC for basically everyday since I bought (which is for approximately two months now) I see myself ready to do a review of it where I can explain quite a lot of it :). I do have another loose finishing powder from Makeupstore, but that one is not really transparent (you can buy them in six different colours), so that one from Makeupstore is more equal for the winters for me. This ''Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder'' from MAC, looks good in any season (I'll probably just be using it during the summers though). Continue reading and I'll tell you exactly what I think about this powder...

The packaging is a huge minus for me! There's a plastic ''wall'' in the middle of the jar, but once you've removed the sticker that's supposed to cover the small wholes in the wall, the powder is just flying everywhere. I mean, fine, I probably shouldn't had removed the whole sticker, but I wasn't aware about that half of the powder was lying above the plastic protection wall. Another negative thing about the packaging is that it's difficult every single time to put the lid on. It's not tight, so when I bring this powder in my bag to the city for example, there's always lots of white powder in my bag. I really hate that about this powder. I'm definitely not happy with the packaging(!!).

(As I've written on the picture above, this is how MAC ''Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder'' looks like on my skin, 3 hours after that I've applied it).

Okay now it's enough about the packaging. The PRODUCT, is absolutely amazing though. And that's the most important when you buy a product, and not the packaging. You don't need a lot to mattify your whole face with this, which is deifinitely a good thing. As you see on the picture above, it still looks really matte on my skin, even after three hours. After four hours, I usually do need to reapply this powder though. But still, I think that's amazing. This powder does not leave any white marks on my skin either after applying it, and it's not visible in pictures either. I absolutely love this product, even though that the packaging kind of sucks.

I give this product:


  1. i love this powder. You can check out my review and comparison to BE mineral veil here if you'd like


  2. sv: ja riktigt snyggt på sommaren också! =D

  3. I love MAC finishing powder. This was an amazing review.


  4. Oh man, I really wish I could afford this!

  5. @ MaviDeniz: I love this powder as well! Ohh, exciting, I'll definitely take a look at it =D

    @ Frida Pygmeisk - makeup: Japp! =D

    @ Ellie: Me too!! Thank you, HUGS

    @ Meredith Jessica: Yeah, it's an amazing powder so it definitely wouldn't disappoint you!! =)

  6. Thank you for sharing i do really need something that will stay on my skin longer then 20 mins! x

  7. sv: Tack! Gillade det blonda som fasen men jag är ganska mörk i mig själv så utväxten blev inge rolig, och det kostade runt tusenlappen att fylla i vilket jag fick göra en gång i månaden, så det funkade inte i längden för mig tyvärr :(

  8. @ Yuliya: You're welcome, hope you'll like the product if you decide to buy it!

    @ Frida Pygmeisk - makeup: Oj, jag förstår helt och hållet! Det rörde sig inte om en speciellt liten summa tyvärr =)