Sunday, 30 January 2011

How my new nailpolish from Face Stockholm looks like...

Remember THIS post when I showed you my new nail polish that I bought from Face Stockholm? Well, I promised you to show you guys how it looks after applying it, so here the post is! I reeeeally like the colour, it's a little bit nude, isn't it? Anyway, I'm in love and I'll keep using it when it has begun torning away. It's number 8!

Friday, 28 January 2011

I'd love to have...

1: Smashbox ''Bronze lights''. I'd like to use this bronzer in the summer.
2: Clinique ''Anti-Blemish Solutions Starter Kit''. I really really want to get rid of my pimples, and I've heard that this products is great. This is a starter kit that you're going to use for 4 months. Great idea, and fun to try something new!
3: Eyebrow brush from Face Stockholm called ''Spooly #20''. I'm going to use this after I've fixed my eyebrows.
4: YSL's new lipstick in a cool pink colour wouldn't I say no to. It's not anything necessary for my right now though.
5: A primer from Smashbox called ''Photo Finish Foundation Primer''.
6: A cool lilac eyeshadow, like this one(!). ''Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer 2.5 g'' is the name of the product!
7: A foundation brush from MAC, ''130 Short Duo Fibre Face Brush'' has great reviews!

New hairproducts from Sunsilk...

Look what I just bought! Okay I didn't bought them to be honest, I actually got them free. Have you seen that commercial that's getting replayed over and over again on the telly? You know the one when they're presenting the 7 top hairdressers in the world right now... However, I got this schampoo and conditioner that's called ''Vibrant Colour Protection Schampoo and Conditioner'' and it benefits the one who has coloured hair.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tutorial of how to make a french manicure!

Hi guys! Here's a short and easy guide how to creative a good french manicure. I'm using this set from Viva la Diva which I find OK. Nothig more. So enjoy it and try it at home! :)
 I'm beginning to file the edgy corners with this pink nail file from Hello Kitti hihi.
Then I'm starting to apply this white nail polish on the finger tips. You can use the white plastic things as protection so the white nail polish won't get too thick.
After applying the white nail polish on the tip, apply a liquid one all over the nail.
Done! You can also apply a light pink nail polish over the nail, but I prefer without it. Easy, huh?

Blog tips: Smashbox cosmetics

Did you know that the make-up brand Smashbox Cosmetics had a blog? I founded by an accident actually and now it's one of my top make-up blogs. I really really like make-up brands who has blogs, it's so inspiring! Read it HERE if you're interested!

Friday, 21 January 2011

New nail polish from Face Stockholm

This is what I bought today from Face Stockholm. A nice and warm pink colour that will look good now to the more brighter months that will come. The colour number is ''8''. I'll show you how it looks on a little later, hope it's fine? Hugs!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Get the (make-up) style from Olivia Palermo!

If there's one person who only accompliches to wear the right make-up it's the beautiful Olivia Palermo. I've done some research about her and her make-up and I found one page where she got interviewed about what her make-up bag contains. She always manages to look so natural and fresh and her big secret will I reveal later in this text :).

About her make-up:
She's using an eye palette called ''Velvent Plum'' from the make-up brand Bobby Brown. She's also using another eyeshadow from YSL called ''Ombres Duolumieres Eye Shadow Duo'' and that eye shadow contains two different shades. YSL's ''Touch Éclat'' is her favourite concealer that will cover your less good areas in your face. For healty-looking and pretty chins, her favourite is Geurlain's blush called ''4 Eclats In Tendre Aurora'' which is a pastelle that contains four different colours. You can basically just pick and choose. And last (but absolutely NOT least) she's using a lipstick from YSL called ''Fard a Levres Pure Lipstick'' in the colour ''132'' which is a very light pink colour with some beige textures in. Remember- the lipstick completes the whole look!

Other beauty-products:
For her hair she's using L'oréal Paris ''Professionnel Force Vector Masque'' which is like a conditioner that you're using after schampooing your hair for making your hair stronger. The fragrance that she's using (or mentioned anyway..) is called Guerlain Idylle. Essie Nail Varnish in the colour ''Lollipop'' is a red shade that she's using every now and then.

If you would like to see the whole interview with her, press here!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Review of Face Stockholm lipgloss ''Rödklöver''

Hello! Do you remember when I asked you if you wanted a review of my two new products from Face Stockholm? Well, you did so here's one of them- at the new lipgloss! The colour is called ''Rödklöver'' and it looked very pinkish (which it isn't in real life!). It costs approximately $20 if I don't remember it wrong. The bottle contains a volume of 13ml and it's actually a very smart bottle that it comes in. The tube (or the lid) is very easily to put on which is good if you don't want all of the liquid to be in your make-up bag.

However, the colour sticks on your lips for hours (!!) and it gives your lips a very natural and smooth texture. It doesn't contain any glitter. I love wearing this lipgloss on my lips because it feels like my lips are ''naked'' even though that I'm wearing a lipgloss. It's not sticky and it doesn't feel any uncomfortable at all on your lips, which is great. I totally recommend you all to buy this product, you won't regret it at all!

I give this product:

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Studio Secrets 90° Easy Mascara

Studio Secrets will now introduce their new mascara called ''90° Easy Mascara'' which is mascara where you can flip the brush in a 90 degreed position. It's said that it will help you to get a better grip and it will also be easier for you to reach every each eyelash. I don't know really when it will establish here in Sweden, but I'll take a look every now and then at Kicks blog, I might buy it, I'm not sure yet!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New from Face Stockholm

Hello! Just wanted to show you two things that I got from Face Stockholm a few days ago. I got them from a magazine actually and I found both of the products great actually! I already knew that Face Stockholm had great stuffs before I tried these two products but now I'm totally hooked. The colour of the lipgloss is called ''Rödklöver'' and it's actually not as pink as it looks. If you're not wearing any lipstick or anything with colour underneath it, it looks fantastic! And the mascara is great also, you're getting very natural eyelashes but still they're getting that boost as they need. I'm in love haha. Tell me if anyone of you want a review of the product/s(!).

Monday, 10 January 2011

Review of REF. 244 Curl Power!

I thought that I was going to give you a review of a product that actually is for hairs. It's called ''REF. 244 Curl Power''. My friend actually gave me a tip that this product was great so I bought it so I also could give it a chanse. My hair is quite curly if I don'f flatern it with anything so I thought that this would give my hair more boost as it said to do. It should also keep your curls ''curly'' all day so I really wanted to try it and see if it was true (and as good as my friend said!).

I was totally dissapointed when I tried it, it just maid your hair greasy and dry(!). You're applying it with your hands and it really felt like half of the liquid cream got stuck on your hands which I found was very annoying. However, I was soooo disappointed with this product that I actually selled it to one of my friends (yes, the one who liked it exaggerated much!!) so I didn't loose that much money on buying it. I guess that you need to have a little bit more curly hair than me to use it, my friend has more curly hair than me and it works great on her. So guys if you've thick curly hair, you'll probably like this product!

I give this product:


Just got to tip you guys about this perfume from D&G, this is seriously the best fragrance that I've ever smelled!! This is my friends bottle and it contains 100ml so it's quite big(!). But it's also available in a 50ml bottle.. However, the top note is rhubarbs, red currants and kiwi. It smells LOOOOOVELY!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

My new year hair!

This is how my hair looked at new year evening! I were able to use my friends hair-waver called ''Babyliss easy curl'' and it rocked(!). When it's my birthday in april, I'm definitely going to have that one on the top of my wish-list!

Review of Perplex Eyelashcurler!

So this is the product that I got last week and that I was going to give you a review of! It's an eyelashcurler from Perplex and it's from Kicks! The first impression was that it looked quite expensive (which it wasn't) so that's a plus. I really like the design of it, and that the colour is gold! However, it doesn't matter how good it looks if it doesn't work good :). But I think that it worked really good though. The plastic that's underneath the curler is very soft so it doesn't feel like your eyelashes are going to detach.

For the best result begin on the middle of the eyelashes and then curl on the bottom of the lashes. The final and most important process of it is to bend the top-lashes. That gives your lashes the right boost as they need! That's what I did and the result was great actually! My personally opinion is that it doesn't matter how cheap or expensive the eyelashcurlers are- all of them are nearly as good! But everyone has their own opinion of that! :). However I'm very pleased with this product and I totally recommend it to all of you!

I give this product:

Friday, 7 January 2011

Chloé, Dior, Gucci

Three amazing(!!) fragrances from Chloé eau de parfum, Miss Dior Chérie and Flora By Gucci eau de toilette!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Love this nailpolish!

I love this nailpolish! It's number ''191'' from Depend and it costs approximately £2, which is a VERY good price! :). What do you think, it's very unusual right? I really like it anyway!

A look from Face Stockholm

The products that they've been using for this look:
  1. Botanical Brilliance, which is a cream that makes your skin to glow! It also increases your skin’s luster.
  2. Mystic Highlighter, mystic is the colour of the highlighter and you're applying it in your face where you feel that you need some more shimmer. I personally thinks that it looks best to apply it on your cheekbones only!
  3. Picture Perfect Foundation, it's a foundation that gives you the perfect coverage!
  4. Magic Wand, is like a concealer that will give you a good coverage for your base. It's perfect to bring with you on your trip, it's very small!
  5. Matte Shadow, they've mixed together the colours ''Blåbär'' and ''Thunder''. The colour ''Blåbär'' is a blue (almost lilac) shade and ''Thunder'' is dark-brown.
  6. Galaxy Glitter, it's a very sparkeling shade and they used the colour ''Sex (6!)'' which is a dark-blue colour!
  7. Eyeliner black, it's an extremely pigmented eyeliner which is waterproof.
  8. Volumizing Mascara, they used the black colour and it's a great mascara that gives your eyelashes the boost that they need!
  9. Bronzer, with this bronzer you will get that sun-kissed look all year long! The colour is called ''Ibiza''.
  10. Blush Shy, you can choose if you want yours with shimmer or a non-shimmer one. ''Shy'' is the name of the blush that they've been using!
  11. Lipstick, they used the colour ''Modesty''.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Three new stuffs in my make-up bag!

Okay, before you all are judging me I just got to say that I wasn't the one who bought this make-up to me: I got it from my friend in a late christmas-present. However, theres one more thing that I got from her, but I thought that I could show it to you guys later, meanwhile that I'm giving you a review of that product too! Does that sound good?

However, the lilac eye liner is from Makeupstore and the colour is called ''Go Wild''. The mascara is for the ones who has sensitive eyes, which I don't know if I've but my eyes are always scratching when I'm wearing ordinary mascara so I'm going to try this one out, the mascara is called ''IsaDora Hypo-allergenic Mascara''. The brush is a syntethic one from Makeupstore and it's called ''Syntethic E/S Brush- Large (206)''. You can use it when you're applying more creamy products like eyeshadows or a concealer. I'm using it when I'm applying my ''Cover All Mix'' Concealer from Makeupstore. So that's about it, if you got any questions- just ask them in this post! :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Review of Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15!

Last summer when I went abroad I ordered this (Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF 15) product from the taxfree. I was super-excited when I got it and I really thought that it was going to be great because Clinique is a great brand! However, so I tried it and I don't exaggerate when I'm saying this: I-T  S-U-C-K-E-D! I was soooo disappointed because that powder wasn't useful AT ALL! It was extremely adamant which made it absolutely impossible to apply it.

It didn't matter how hard I squeezed the powderbrush to the pastell, the powder just didn't wanted to get fasten on the brush! It was extremely annoying for me when I found out how bad this product was, because it wasn't cheap- at all! I don't know if this particularly product was ''made wrong'' or if every each powder from this range is like this... I'm so freaking disappointed! Well well, I've tried it now and I just wanted to warn you not to buy it! But the only plus with this product was the soft brush that this product contained. That's the only good part with this product...

I give this product:

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fendi S/S 2011

I LOVE this make-up for Fendi S/S 11. The orange lip-colour couldn't be more than right right now, I absolutely love it. This spring it's totally right with orange lips and I love when the focus is on the lips! Her skin is natural with no blush and her eyebrows are very light-coloured, which also is sooo right this season. She's wearing a black eye liner around her whole eye, and she's also wearing a little darker pink eyeshadow above her upper eyelashes. Girls this is what you should look like this spring/summer if you want to follow the trend, love it!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

From E L L E

Of coure these kind of pages are my favourte ones from ELLE!

Review of Nivea Nailpolishes, colours ''36 Cardinal'' and ''11 Pure Crystal''

I bought these two nailpolishes for approximately a week ago and I've now been using them since then, so it's time for a review! The brand is Nivea, which is a very very good brand from Sweden. The red one is called '' 36 Cardinal'' and the transparent one is called ''11 Pure Crystal''. I began with applying the red one and when it was dry I applied the transparent for a longer lasting.

I really really like these two products and I definitely recommend them to you all (if they're available where you live)! They dried very fast and the red colour is lovely... They lasted for a really long time (for approximately a week without getting torned out) so I can't really say something bad about them. Love them!:)

I give this product: