Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New from Face Stockholm

Hello! Just wanted to show you two things that I got from Face Stockholm a few days ago. I got them from a magazine actually and I found both of the products great actually! I already knew that Face Stockholm had great stuffs before I tried these two products but now I'm totally hooked. The colour of the lipgloss is called ''Rödklöver'' and it's actually not as pink as it looks. If you're not wearing any lipstick or anything with colour underneath it, it looks fantastic! And the mascara is great also, you're getting very natural eyelashes but still they're getting that boost as they need. I'm in love haha. Tell me if anyone of you want a review of the product/s(!).


  1. Yeh! That's a good idea to read a review before spending on this!
    Hope you'll love to review :))

  2. @ Sasmita: Yeah I agree, I really don't like spending money on products that I'll be using once or twice! =)