Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Review of Makeupstore's ''Sheer Lipsticks''

These two lipsticks from Makeupstore have I been using now for about a year (or I bought the first one a year ago and the second one approximately a half year ago, sooo interesting, right? lol.) They are quite affordable (£12,5/each), which is a lot more cheap than Chanel, YSL, Dior, Lancôme etcetera etcetera. But are the differences between these two kind of price-groupes that big? I'd say, definitely! At the current moment I have one lipstick from Chanel (reed the review HERE), and the formula is just sooooo much better, honestly I can hardly compare them with each other. Continue reading and I'll tell you why..
(''Prairie'' and Exit'' )

You can buy Makeupstore's lipsticks in either Sheer, Matte, Transparent and Shimmery. These two that I've are Sheer. The colours that I've bought are called ''Prairie'' and ''Exit'' and you can see the swatches on the picture above. The orange/reddish colour is called ''Prairie'' and it looks just gorgeous during the summer when you got a tan. I personally look better in warm lipstick-colours, so I prefer ''Prairie''. The other shade called ''Exit'' is probably most appropriate during the autumn/winter/spring's, just because it's a very cold colour if you know what I mean.

(This is how ''Exit and ''Prairie'' looks like on my lips).

Which shade of these two do you prefer? As you see, the lipsticks are more ''dry-looking'' than the Chanel lipstick that I've and I really do not like that it looks like the Sheer lipsticks from Makeupstore are ''bleeding'' if you know what I mean. They are highly pigmented though, and you only need to dab a tiny amount of the lipstick on your lips to have this look that I've created. It's totally enough, right?

It's definitely not anything wrong with the lasting-power of these lipsticks though. They last for approximately 3 hours on me, which I find absolutely OK, but it sucks if you compare it with my Chanel-lipstick which lasts for at least 6 hours (!!!!) on me. How amazing isn't that?? Anyway, after three hours with these Makeupstore lipsticks on, they tend to look and feel very dry on your lips. I don't like that either. BUT; it's definitely an OK product and I don't regret buying it.

I give this product:


  1. I can see why you gave it that rating, but all other things aside, I quite like the color of that sheer one. I'd probably wear that.

  2. @ Meredith Jessica: Yeah I really like the orange colour. It's really pretty, especially when you're tanned =D

  3. snygga colors!!! Heeej btw hur e de???

    Kram Emma

  4. @ Emma, Ella you pick!: Tack, jo det är bra här borta. Lite väl mycket i skolan för stunden dock =). Själv? Kram!