Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Review of Maybelline ''Pure Mineral Foundation SPF 18'':

A while back ago I bought the Maybelline ''Pure Mineral Foundation SPF 18'', you remember? :) I chose it because it was available in quite many shades (six shades). It was also SPF 18, which is quite a lot for a cheep foundation like this, usually you'll have to buy more ''expensive'' foundations if you want a really high SPF on a foundation :). Anyhow, SPF 18 sounded right enough for me when I bought it, and I still think it's enough. 

It's also oil free (a must have for me who's a teenager and has quite oily skin already, a foundation that contains oil is super-wrong for me then!), yay. As you see it's a pure mineral foundation and on the ''back'' on the bottle it says this: ''Make-up that's good to skin- it's proven''. I agree with that, I haven't gotten any more pimples after using this for less or more than 2 months now, I really like that(!!). The bottle is just an ''ordinary'' foundation bottle, but no complains, I like it. One reason is because it has a pump, which a foundation should have(!!), I think it's really important because it's easier to get the amount that you wish.

I bought the shade called ''026 Honey Beige'', which is the third darkest shade. When you pour some foundation on a piece of paper or on the back of your hand (okay anywhere really) it looks quite dark. But when you apply it in your face it's definitely not as dark. This shade was perfect(!!) for me though, and it's the perfect summer-shade for me. It's really easy to apply, and it blends in perfectly and gives you a very natural complexion. For me, it's almost a tinted moisturizer for me, considering how light it looks on your skin, which I really like. During the summer a tinted moisturizer is enough (according to me of course).

When I use this foundation I use my ''Mac Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder'' (I'll give you a review of that product the fastest I can!!)., and they cooperate excellent together!! Using the Maybelline ''Pure Mineral Foundation SPF 18''+ that finishing powder, I'd say that my face stays matte for approximately 3 hours. The foundation has begun disappearing after atleast 6 hours though. That's totally OK according to me!:). You do need quite many touch-ups during the day though, so your foundation will stay looking matte. Overall, it's a great product, and I don't really have anything to complain about, except that it doesn't cover blemishes or uneveness in your face at all. Which I don't like...

I give this product:


  1. I love Maybelline. I use the Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. But when I'm done with it, I want to try Almay Truly Lasting Color. If I don't like it, then I'll go back to Maybelline. I just want to try other things for now :)

  2. @ Arianne Cruz: I really like Maybelline too, because of their quality-prodcts that are affordable =). Hope you will like the concealer!

  3. Quero muito uma base dessa, parece ter uma excelente cobertura.


  4. @ Clau Jambo: So sorry but I only speak swedish, english and a little german =)