Friday, 31 December 2010

New stuffs!

This is what I bought yesterday! Okay, I know it's a lot of stuffs BUT- now I wont buy any make-up for a very long time(!!). The perfume is from Versace and it smells great, love it! The other things are: a pensharpener from Makeupstore, an eyeshadow from IsaDora, a eyebrow pencil from Makeupstore, a lip and eyebrow primer from Makeupstore and a brushcleaner from Kicks!

Frozen Diamond

LOVE the look ''Frozen Diamond'' from Makeupstore. The make-up is so natural and her lips are having such an amazing colour! I assume that she's wearing a matt lipstick and a lilac lipgloss. Love it!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A giftcheck from Makeupstore (of course!)

Hello again! I just wanted to show you one of the things that my grandmother gave me in christmas present. It's a giftcheck from Makeupstore (of course, I absolutely LOVE that store!!), where I can buy anything I want for 500 Sek. Thanks a lot grandmother, this WONT be lasting for a very long time haha:).

Review of L´oréal Paris Glam Shine ''400''

A few days ago I bought a lipgloss called ''L´oréal Paris Glam Shine'' and the colour is number ''400''. It was on sale (just a little bit, 30%) and I had been looking for a lipgloss for a really long time so I thought why not? My first impression was that the design of the bottle is very slender and the product looks quite expensive actually. The heart-shaped applicator is very smooth on your lips and it makes it easy to apply the lipgloss.

If someone would ask me if I knew a good lipgloss I'd perhaps suggest this one, but I'm not 100% pleased with the result. Okay it doesn't look bad or anything, but I don't think that it lasts for a very long time. The result that I was looking for though, was a natural one so I can't be fully unpleased with the product. After drinking a glass of anything, the lipgloss has almost faded. But lets say this- if you're looking for a lipgloss that gives a natural impression and that is quite cheap, I suggest you to buy this!

I give this product:

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A video from Makeupstore in Westfield shoppingcentre, London

Here's a cool video that I actually found a quite long time ago (I didn't have a blog back at then) that's from the Westfield shoppingcentre in London. The makeup-artist Tania are showing very clearly how to put on a daily-makeup. I absolutely love this video, and I have to admit that I love it even more because that it's from London (I LOOOVE LONDON!) and because of the location of the video- Make up store!:)

What I'll buy next time I visit the city...

1: A pencil for my eyebrows. No 3 from Makeupstore
2: A pen sharpener where you can sharp both thin and the more thick pencils. Also from Makeupstore.
3: A spray cleaner from Kicks. With this you can remove filths from your brushes. That keeps your skin (for example) from getting unclean.
4: An eyeshadow from IsaDora. It's not a greyish pastel that I'm going to buy, it's light pink.
5: A clear gel in a ''mascara-tube'', which helps your eyebrows to stay in the right place all day long. From Makeupstore.
6: A hairpin from Makeupstore, that I'll use when I'm applying my makeup and when I'm washing my face etc..
7: A syntethic brush that I'm going to use for applying my ''Cover all mix concealer'' from Makeupstore.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Inspiration #1

Two new Make up bags!

Bag 1...
Bag 2...
The first makeup-bag is from Make up store and the second one is from FACE Stockholm! The one from FACE is my bag where I can gather my brushes and pencils. It's great!:)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Make up store magazine!

Read Make up store's magazine! I've one at home, but if you aren't able to get one of your own you can look at the magazine at Make up store's internet page!:) Take a look HERE!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New(!) mineral foundation, eyeshadow brush and lipgloss

Hello! Yesterday I was out ''shopping'' and this is what I bought. A mineral foundation from Maybelline New York, an eyeshadow brush and a Lipgloss från L´oréal Paris. I'll tell you guys later about the products! However, I've tried both of the mineral foundation and the lipgloss, and so far they both seems great:). I'll probably give you a review of the things later!