Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Review of Garnier ''Sensitive eye make-up remover''!

Okay, I normally wouldn't make a review of something as booring as an eye make-up remover. But I just had, because this is the best that I've ever tried for sensitive eyes! If you're like me, having eyes that are basically burning while using an ''ordinary'' eye make-up remover, then you should definitely try this product. I've actually tried removers that are for sensitive eyes, but that are still burning. Now I've given up that endless search, because I've found this one from Garnier called ''Sensitive eye make-up remover''. It's just amazing!

Let me tell you why.. It removes your eye make-up so gently that it feels like it's basically made of 100 pre cent water, with out exaggerating! You don't feel any burning in your eyes at all(!) while removing your make-up with this appliance. And WOW, how rapidly it removes your eye make-up, it's just amazing! This is the best eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes that I've ever tried!!

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Burberry Beauty

Wow! Have any of you been lucky to try something of Burberry Beauty's products?? I wanna try ALL of the items! They're soooo luxuriously packed and they all look amazing. I know they aren't available in so many places (unfortunately), so when I'm going to London this summer I might buy one or two products, I reeeeeally wanna try something now! The lipsticks are available in 33 amazing shades, the Eye Definer in 6, the Sheer Foundation 9 different colours, the Sheer Eyeshadow are available in 20 shades, the Lip Definer in 6, the Light/Warm Glow in 8&4 different colours and the Lip Glow comes in 12 colours.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review of IsaDora ''Light and Shade Eyeshadow(s)''!

I've basically had these IsaDora ''Light and Shade Eyeshadow(s)'' forever. Okay maybe not, but for atleast 3 years. I bought them because they're really cheap (approximately £8 each) and because of the fact that it's a duo eyeshadow and because I liked the colours of course :). I consider the packaging as just ''ok''. There's nothing special about them, but nothing negative about them either. Continue reading and I'll give you a quick review of what I think about these eyeshadow duos.
I really like both of the colours. They look good together and with ''14 Silver Mist'' I can really get a natural-looking smokey eye effect. The ''12 Glacier Blue'' looks very pretty on my eyelids and they really look good together also. When I apply this on my eyelids I'm actually gladly surprised every time that the eyeshadow doesn't fall down below the eye, it does actually stay on without falling down from your eyelids.

They are very pigmented too, and they stay on for many hours (with a good primer the eyeshadows can last even longer though) and I probably just need one touch-up during the day to make it look flawless. For the price you get it for though, I really can't complain about these eyeshadows, that would just be cruwl, lol. I can't really remember anything more to bring up about these eyeshadows, I think they're absolutely amazing! If you do have any questions about this eyeshadow though, don't doubt about typing them in this post!! :)

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New bronzing powder from IsaDora!

I bought this bronzing powder from IsaDora for approximately a month ago, but I've forgotten to show you it. I've tried it several of times, and I really really do like it (take a look HERE where I wrote a little bit about it). It's loose powder, which I personally really like, so I thought this bronzing powder would be just perfect for me. It's called IsaDora ''Mineral Bronzing Powder'' in the shade ''18 Medium Tan Bronze'' by the way! I highly recommend this product!

Monday, 23 May 2011

What I wanna have right now...

1: Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder. 2: Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio ''On Stage''. 3: Lancôme Teint Idole Silky Mat. 4: Makeupstore Nailpolish ''Lynn''. 5: Makeupstore Nailpolish ''Agneta''. 6: Makeupstore Cuticle Care Oil. 7: MAC Lipstick ''Viva glam''. 8: Makeupstore Sparkling Powder ''Frost silver''. 9: Clinique High Lenghts Mascara.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Review of Face Stockholm ''Volumizing mascara''!

This is honestly the first mascara that I got two examples of. I really like this one called ''Volumizing mascara'' from Face Stockholm. These tubes are old, so it's why they've an old design. It's available in six different shades; black, black brown, brown, eggplant (lilac), navy and teal (light blue). Both my mascara tubes are in the colour ''black''. Face Stockholm promises this: ''Our rich formula, thickens, lengthens and fortifies lashes. Create dramatic, enticing, captivating eyes with just one coat.'' I do agree, partly. Keep reading and I'll explain why!
(On the pictures above, have I only used one coat of this mascara. Love it!)

This is how the wand looks like. It's quite thick, but it really captures every each lash easily. It's supposed to give you a dramatic look, but I'd rather say it gives you a very natural look. I do really really really like how it turns out to be though! This is seriously one of the best mascaras I've every tried. I just love how natural it looks especially on my lover-lash-line, I don't even think my mascara from Lancôme (by the way it's time to make a review of that mascara too, sorry I've totally forgot about that!) does my lover-lashes that good as this Face Stockholm mascara!

I've had these mascaras for more than a year now, but I've barely used them (I don't know why??). Anyway what I wanted to say with that was that that the formula still hasn't drought, at all. I definitely do recommend this to you out there who are looking for a mascara that really makes your eyelashes look natural. If I've to say something negative, it would be that it doesn't give you enough volume as it promised you... Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend this mascara!

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Different looks

(Pictures taken by me)
Some different looks from the latest magazine from Makeupstore! What do you think?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The new summer collection ''Softbox'' from Smashbox

Have you seen the new summer collection from Smashbox called ''Softbox''? The definition of that name is basically natural-looking makeup, just the way that I want it during the summers!:) As I see it, there are six new lipglosses in sex different colours, and they're all looking like something that you can wear everyday, which is great. And then there's a palette that contains 12 different colours, and there are a lot of brown shades in it, which will also look great this summer (and autumn?). You'll probably be able to do a really cool brown smokey eye-look with this palette! According to me, there's nothing ''special'' about this collection if you know what I mean, but I suppose it's a collection that you can basically be using everyday. GREAT!

Friday, 13 May 2011

New: Max Factor ''Xperience Weightless Foundation''!

A few days ago I bought this foundation from Max Factor called ''Xperience Weightless Foundation'' in the shade ''60 Medium Sandstone''. As you know there's a whole ocean out there with foundations.. I looked for a foundation that would be appropriate for the summer. The reason why I chose this foundation was because it said that it had a quite light coverage and because it has SPF 10, which is awesome! I'll definitely give you a review of this product later when I've been able to try this!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bronzing: Budget-Medium-Expensive

1: ''Lumene Sun Mineral Bronzing'', this bronzing powder comes in two different shades. It's minerals (don't know if it's pure minerals though) and it has got great reviews. The cheapest one of them all too! 2: ''IsaDora Bronzing Powder'', this product is great! There's a looot of product, if you haven't seen this product I just have to tell you that it's HUGE! It's very long-lasting also and it comes in 1 shade. 3: ''IsaDora Mineral Bronzing Powder'', this was the bronzing powder I bought for a few weeks ago. It's loose powder, which I personally LOVE! The packaging is awesome and so is the product. I highly recommend this one.
1: ''MAC Bronzing Powder'', this product promises you a shimmery but natural result. It has great reviews and comes in 5 different colours, so you won't have any problems with finding the right shade for you! 2: ''Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights'', I was so close to buy this product but I didn't (don't really have any explanations for that). This product is suitable for every skin-tone, and it also comes in another palette-colour. 3: ''Makeupstore Bronzing Powder'', you can use this product on bare skin or over a foundation (as with any other bronzing-products basically). This one is available in 4 different shades.
1: ''YSL Terre de Soleil'', this is an awesome product considering that this is the only of those 9 products in this post that contains SPF (according to the web page), it has SPF 10 by the way. This will give you a transparent feeling and it comes in 3 shades. 2: ''Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Duo'', this one is available in 2 different shades. It's non-oily and makes your skin appear glowy and fresh. 3: ''Lancôme Tropique Minerale Loose'', this is also a loose-powder, which I like. It's also a mineral product so big plus for this bronzing powder. It does also contain aloe-vera which protects and helps your skin to heal. Seems great!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I can win a kick-ass palette!

Doesn't this palette look amazing? I'm in a competition right now where I can win this lovely palette! Now I just have to hold my thumbs and pray so that I can hopefully win this... I can always hope, even though I don't think that the chanse is so big that I'll win this considering that there are quite many people who are participating in the competition. Anyway, just wanted to show you the palette. You can find it HERE by the way! :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Review of Lumene Primer ''Beauty Base Crystal Radiance''

A while ago I bought this primer from Lumene, which is a famous brand from a Scandinavian country. I wanted to try this one because the brand is famous for their natural containing products and the price was also good! I would say it approximately costs £10, which I consider is an OK price for a primer (for beginners in this kind of subject)! :). It's supposed to give your skin a natural-looking radiance and make it looking fresh and younger. It's also said on the bottle that it'll give you an even base.
I tried the primer on my hand because I think it's easier to capture it there than in your face (hope that's okay). I really like that it's a tube (and not just a pot), which is hygienic and makes it easy not to get too much of the product at once. The formula is white and I can see some traces after pink also, this is of course only now because when you've worked the product into your skin it'll get transparent. Judging from this spot with product on my hand, I can see that this product contains quite much glitter, which will make your skin glow.
Here are two pictures on before and after. And what do I think about the difference? It's not as visible as I did hope it would be to be honest. My skin does look more glowy though, but with make-up on after this, you can barely see that I've been using this primer, unfortunately. Does my make-up last longer with this primer then? I'd say a little bit longer than without this, but then you need to use quite much of it. I'm not as oily in my T-zone when I'm using this and my skin both feels AND looks more smooth! I'm having mixed feelings about this primer as you maybe can see...

I give this product:

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance

I really wanna have this fragrance from Chanel called ''Coco Mademoiselle''. It smells amazing! Chanel describes the fragrance like this: ´´A feeling of luxuriance is achieved through two exclusive ingredients that form the signature for all CHANEL parfums: Jasmine Absolute and May Rose Absolute. These delicate flowers bursting with confidence are highlighted by a touch of Iris from Florence.´´ And it's a huge plus that beautiful Kiera Knightley is ''the face'' for the fragrance, don't you think?

Monday, 2 May 2011

New loose powder from Makeupstore!

This is what I bought a few days ago. It's called Loose Powder and it's in a colour called ''Natural''. You're using this after that you've applied a liquid (for example) foundation, and it's basically transparent, but just with some colour. This will make your face shine-free and it will make your make-up looking more matte. Without this, my foundation wouldn't look as good! It's very useful!