Thursday, 5 May 2011

Review of Lumene Primer ''Beauty Base Crystal Radiance''

A while ago I bought this primer from Lumene, which is a famous brand from a Scandinavian country. I wanted to try this one because the brand is famous for their natural containing products and the price was also good! I would say it approximately costs £10, which I consider is an OK price for a primer (for beginners in this kind of subject)! :). It's supposed to give your skin a natural-looking radiance and make it looking fresh and younger. It's also said on the bottle that it'll give you an even base.
I tried the primer on my hand because I think it's easier to capture it there than in your face (hope that's okay). I really like that it's a tube (and not just a pot), which is hygienic and makes it easy not to get too much of the product at once. The formula is white and I can see some traces after pink also, this is of course only now because when you've worked the product into your skin it'll get transparent. Judging from this spot with product on my hand, I can see that this product contains quite much glitter, which will make your skin glow.
Here are two pictures on before and after. And what do I think about the difference? It's not as visible as I did hope it would be to be honest. My skin does look more glowy though, but with make-up on after this, you can barely see that I've been using this primer, unfortunately. Does my make-up last longer with this primer then? I'd say a little bit longer than without this, but then you need to use quite much of it. I'm not as oily in my T-zone when I'm using this and my skin both feels AND looks more smooth! I'm having mixed feelings about this primer as you maybe can see...

I give this product:

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