Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance

I really wanna have this fragrance from Chanel called ''Coco Mademoiselle''. It smells amazing! Chanel describes the fragrance like this: ´´A feeling of luxuriance is achieved through two exclusive ingredients that form the signature for all CHANEL parfums: Jasmine Absolute and May Rose Absolute. These delicate flowers bursting with confidence are highlighted by a touch of Iris from Florence.´´ And it's a huge plus that beautiful Kiera Knightley is ''the face'' for the fragrance, don't you think?


  1. I will try to get it on august! :D And about Kiera on that ad, I don't really like her make up. I mean, how highlighted-contoured and bronzed can a person be? The same for her over made-up brows :( I expected a more delicate ad campaign from Chanel.

    Thank you for sharing this post :)

  2. @ Ana Patricia: Oh okay, well everyone has got their own opinions. I really do like her make-up on the other hand. I assume Chanel's inspiration for this pic was basically sensual! I personally love her smokey eyes and fresh-looking skin! =D