Sunday, 15 May 2011

The new summer collection ''Softbox'' from Smashbox

Have you seen the new summer collection from Smashbox called ''Softbox''? The definition of that name is basically natural-looking makeup, just the way that I want it during the summers!:) As I see it, there are six new lipglosses in sex different colours, and they're all looking like something that you can wear everyday, which is great. And then there's a palette that contains 12 different colours, and there are a lot of brown shades in it, which will also look great this summer (and autumn?). You'll probably be able to do a really cool brown smokey eye-look with this palette! According to me, there's nothing ''special'' about this collection if you know what I mean, but I suppose it's a collection that you can basically be using everyday. GREAT!


  1. I agree, seems like nothing special, but great that it has everything you would need in one collection! Love these types for taveling!

  2. @ Meme: Yeah you're more than right! It's a perfect ''all-day''-collection =D

  3. I'm totally going to buy this eye palette this week. The sooner, the better! I'm sure you'll be seeing us talk about it soon over at Her Late Night Cravings too!!


  4. @ Jayme and Mendi: Lucky you!! I'm so jealous right now, I'll definitely take a look at your blog to see photos at it! =D