Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Review of Face Stockholm ''Volumizing mascara''!

This is honestly the first mascara that I got two examples of. I really like this one called ''Volumizing mascara'' from Face Stockholm. These tubes are old, so it's why they've an old design. It's available in six different shades; black, black brown, brown, eggplant (lilac), navy and teal (light blue). Both my mascara tubes are in the colour ''black''. Face Stockholm promises this: ''Our rich formula, thickens, lengthens and fortifies lashes. Create dramatic, enticing, captivating eyes with just one coat.'' I do agree, partly. Keep reading and I'll explain why!
(On the pictures above, have I only used one coat of this mascara. Love it!)

This is how the wand looks like. It's quite thick, but it really captures every each lash easily. It's supposed to give you a dramatic look, but I'd rather say it gives you a very natural look. I do really really really like how it turns out to be though! This is seriously one of the best mascaras I've every tried. I just love how natural it looks especially on my lover-lash-line, I don't even think my mascara from Lancôme (by the way it's time to make a review of that mascara too, sorry I've totally forgot about that!) does my lover-lashes that good as this Face Stockholm mascara!

I've had these mascaras for more than a year now, but I've barely used them (I don't know why??). Anyway what I wanted to say with that was that that the formula still hasn't drought, at all. I definitely do recommend this to you out there who are looking for a mascara that really makes your eyelashes look natural. If I've to say something negative, it would be that it doesn't give you enough volume as it promised you... Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend this mascara!

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