Thursday, 26 May 2011

Review of IsaDora ''Light and Shade Eyeshadow(s)''!

I've basically had these IsaDora ''Light and Shade Eyeshadow(s)'' forever. Okay maybe not, but for atleast 3 years. I bought them because they're really cheap (approximately £8 each) and because of the fact that it's a duo eyeshadow and because I liked the colours of course :). I consider the packaging as just ''ok''. There's nothing special about them, but nothing negative about them either. Continue reading and I'll give you a quick review of what I think about these eyeshadow duos.
I really like both of the colours. They look good together and with ''14 Silver Mist'' I can really get a natural-looking smokey eye effect. The ''12 Glacier Blue'' looks very pretty on my eyelids and they really look good together also. When I apply this on my eyelids I'm actually gladly surprised every time that the eyeshadow doesn't fall down below the eye, it does actually stay on without falling down from your eyelids.

They are very pigmented too, and they stay on for many hours (with a good primer the eyeshadows can last even longer though) and I probably just need one touch-up during the day to make it look flawless. For the price you get it for though, I really can't complain about these eyeshadows, that would just be cruwl, lol. I can't really remember anything more to bring up about these eyeshadows, I think they're absolutely amazing! If you do have any questions about this eyeshadow though, don't doubt about typing them in this post!! :)

I give this product:

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