Friday, 31 December 2010

New stuffs!

This is what I bought yesterday! Okay, I know it's a lot of stuffs BUT- now I wont buy any make-up for a very long time(!!). The perfume is from Versace and it smells great, love it! The other things are: a pensharpener from Makeupstore, an eyeshadow from IsaDora, a eyebrow pencil from Makeupstore, a lip and eyebrow primer from Makeupstore and a brushcleaner from Kicks!


  1. these thing looks great! and to buy cosmetics is something like dependance am I right? =);)
    and thanks for your coment=) I wrote that I'm sad, because I lost my ring from my boyfriend =/

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    I like your blog, i think i can learn alot and can get some make-up inspiration from you.


  3. Wow ! So many items @ once! Makes me jealous ! That's going 2 make your new year ultra gorgeous!!!!! Happy new year 2011.

  4. @ Linda-Mari: Me too!!

    @ Josefina Little: Thank you!!

    @ MANONbonbonn: Thank you so much my dear! =)

    @ Fashion Queen: Me too!! Happy new year =D

    @ Shevah: I love them =D

    @ Sasmita: Thanks, they'll help me indeed!! Happy new year =D