Saturday, 1 January 2011

Review of Nivea Nailpolishes, colours ''36 Cardinal'' and ''11 Pure Crystal''

I bought these two nailpolishes for approximately a week ago and I've now been using them since then, so it's time for a review! The brand is Nivea, which is a very very good brand from Sweden. The red one is called '' 36 Cardinal'' and the transparent one is called ''11 Pure Crystal''. I began with applying the red one and when it was dry I applied the transparent for a longer lasting.

I really really like these two products and I definitely recommend them to you all (if they're available where you live)! They dried very fast and the red colour is lovely... They lasted for a really long time (for approximately a week without getting torned out) so I can't really say something bad about them. Love them!:)

I give this product:


  1. Wow never knew Nivea made nail polish!!!


  2. Me too ^^ . There's no Nivea nail polish in Poland ;/
    this red is cute!

  3. love the red nailpolish! <3


  4. @ candy apples: To be honest I didn't know until I saw these =D

    @ Martyna.: I'm sorry=(, because they really are awesome!

    @ Aniek: Thank you! =)