Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What I'll buy next time I visit the city...

1: A pencil for my eyebrows. No 3 from Makeupstore
2: A pen sharpener where you can sharp both thin and the more thick pencils. Also from Makeupstore.
3: A spray cleaner from Kicks. With this you can remove filths from your brushes. That keeps your skin (for example) from getting unclean.
4: An eyeshadow from IsaDora. It's not a greyish pastel that I'm going to buy, it's light pink.
5: A clear gel in a ''mascara-tube'', which helps your eyebrows to stay in the right place all day long. From Makeupstore.
6: A hairpin from Makeupstore, that I'll use when I'm applying my makeup and when I'm washing my face etc..
7: A syntethic brush that I'm going to use for applying my ''Cover all mix concealer'' from Makeupstore.

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