Monday, 10 January 2011

Review of REF. 244 Curl Power!

I thought that I was going to give you a review of a product that actually is for hairs. It's called ''REF. 244 Curl Power''. My friend actually gave me a tip that this product was great so I bought it so I also could give it a chanse. My hair is quite curly if I don'f flatern it with anything so I thought that this would give my hair more boost as it said to do. It should also keep your curls ''curly'' all day so I really wanted to try it and see if it was true (and as good as my friend said!).

I was totally dissapointed when I tried it, it just maid your hair greasy and dry(!). You're applying it with your hands and it really felt like half of the liquid cream got stuck on your hands which I found was very annoying. However, I was soooo disappointed with this product that I actually selled it to one of my friends (yes, the one who liked it exaggerated much!!) so I didn't loose that much money on buying it. I guess that you need to have a little bit more curly hair than me to use it, my friend has more curly hair than me and it works great on her. So guys if you've thick curly hair, you'll probably like this product!

I give this product:

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