Saturday, 8 January 2011

Review of Perplex Eyelashcurler!

So this is the product that I got last week and that I was going to give you a review of! It's an eyelashcurler from Perplex and it's from Kicks! The first impression was that it looked quite expensive (which it wasn't) so that's a plus. I really like the design of it, and that the colour is gold! However, it doesn't matter how good it looks if it doesn't work good :). But I think that it worked really good though. The plastic that's underneath the curler is very soft so it doesn't feel like your eyelashes are going to detach.

For the best result begin on the middle of the eyelashes and then curl on the bottom of the lashes. The final and most important process of it is to bend the top-lashes. That gives your lashes the right boost as they need! That's what I did and the result was great actually! My personally opinion is that it doesn't matter how cheap or expensive the eyelashcurlers are- all of them are nearly as good! But everyone has their own opinion of that! :). However I'm very pleased with this product and I totally recommend it to all of you!

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