Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A look from Face Stockholm

The products that they've been using for this look:
  1. Botanical Brilliance, which is a cream that makes your skin to glow! It also increases your skin’s luster.
  2. Mystic Highlighter, mystic is the colour of the highlighter and you're applying it in your face where you feel that you need some more shimmer. I personally thinks that it looks best to apply it on your cheekbones only!
  3. Picture Perfect Foundation, it's a foundation that gives you the perfect coverage!
  4. Magic Wand, is like a concealer that will give you a good coverage for your base. It's perfect to bring with you on your trip, it's very small!
  5. Matte Shadow, they've mixed together the colours ''Blåbär'' and ''Thunder''. The colour ''Blåbär'' is a blue (almost lilac) shade and ''Thunder'' is dark-brown.
  6. Galaxy Glitter, it's a very sparkeling shade and they used the colour ''Sex (6!)'' which is a dark-blue colour!
  7. Eyeliner black, it's an extremely pigmented eyeliner which is waterproof.
  8. Volumizing Mascara, they used the black colour and it's a great mascara that gives your eyelashes the boost that they need!
  9. Bronzer, with this bronzer you will get that sun-kissed look all year long! The colour is called ''Ibiza''.
  10. Blush Shy, you can choose if you want yours with shimmer or a non-shimmer one. ''Shy'' is the name of the blush that they've been using!
  11. Lipstick, they used the colour ''Modesty''.