Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Three new stuffs in my make-up bag!

Okay, before you all are judging me I just got to say that I wasn't the one who bought this make-up to me: I got it from my friend in a late christmas-present. However, theres one more thing that I got from her, but I thought that I could show it to you guys later, meanwhile that I'm giving you a review of that product too! Does that sound good?

However, the lilac eye liner is from Makeupstore and the colour is called ''Go Wild''. The mascara is for the ones who has sensitive eyes, which I don't know if I've but my eyes are always scratching when I'm wearing ordinary mascara so I'm going to try this one out, the mascara is called ''IsaDora Hypo-allergenic Mascara''. The brush is a syntethic one from Makeupstore and it's called ''Syntethic E/S Brush- Large (206)''. You can use it when you're applying more creamy products like eyeshadows or a concealer. I'm using it when I'm applying my ''Cover All Mix'' Concealer from Makeupstore. So that's about it, if you got any questions- just ask them in this post! :)


  1. your blog is so interesting! i love cosmetics but i barely have any.. they are just so expensive i'd rather just buy clothes :P

    F. ( x

  2. that looks amazing!! Congrats on the new stuff :p


  3. Def. need to buy some new brushes to add to my makeup arsenal! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!

  4. @ Francesca: Thanks, well I understand what you mean. For some it's just enough with the most basic products, but for some (the beauty junkies) it's not =)

    @ Emilie: Thanks =D

    @ plentyforpennies: Yeah, me too!!=) You're absolutely welcome!