Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tutorial of how to make a french manicure!

Hi guys! Here's a short and easy guide how to creative a good french manicure. I'm using this set from Viva la Diva which I find OK. Nothig more. So enjoy it and try it at home! :)
 I'm beginning to file the edgy corners with this pink nail file from Hello Kitti hihi.
Then I'm starting to apply this white nail polish on the finger tips. You can use the white plastic things as protection so the white nail polish won't get too thick.
After applying the white nail polish on the tip, apply a liquid one all over the nail.
Done! You can also apply a light pink nail polish over the nail, but I prefer without it. Easy, huh?


  1. great nails!!!

    Wish I had the patient to do that. It looks so fresh :D

  2. @ Beautycountry: Thank you, well it's not that hard I've to say. At the beginning I might have been a little impatient, but after a while I was used to it! =D