Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Review of Face Stockholm lipgloss ''Rödklöver''

Hello! Do you remember when I asked you if you wanted a review of my two new products from Face Stockholm? Well, you did so here's one of them- at the new lipgloss! The colour is called ''Rödklöver'' and it looked very pinkish (which it isn't in real life!). It costs approximately $20 if I don't remember it wrong. The bottle contains a volume of 13ml and it's actually a very smart bottle that it comes in. The tube (or the lid) is very easily to put on which is good if you don't want all of the liquid to be in your make-up bag.

However, the colour sticks on your lips for hours (!!) and it gives your lips a very natural and smooth texture. It doesn't contain any glitter. I love wearing this lipgloss on my lips because it feels like my lips are ''naked'' even though that I'm wearing a lipgloss. It's not sticky and it doesn't feel any uncomfortable at all on your lips, which is great. I totally recommend you all to buy this product, you won't regret it at all!

I give this product:

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