Sunday, 20 March 2011

Looking for good blothing products like me?

I've been looking for make-up brands that sells blothing products for a very long time now(!). The make-up market is so freaking big now that it's hard to just choose one product when there are like 10 more identical products like it. However, I suppose I'm not the only person who's looking for a product that provides sheer(?), and that's why I'm doing this post!
1: Smashbox Anti Shine Compact- is a compact product that contains a mirror and touch-ups for the day.
2: Makeupstore Blothing Powder. This is a powder that I've actually heard very good things about. You're applying this invisible powder during the day when you feel like you're having shiny areas in your face.
3: Makeupstore T-zone, which is a liquid product that I assume is ideal for applying with your bare fingers where you want to make your face more unshiny, like your T-zone.
4: Dior Long Lasting Setting Powder, is an invisible powder that you're applying after your foundation to provide shiny areas in your face.
5: Mac Blot Film, contains blothing papers.
6: Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, is a powder that's actually not invisible. It's suitable for a more greasy skin, and this will give your skin a very matte-look that will last for many hours.
7: Makeupstore Oil Blothing Paper is the cheapest product of them all. This is like the Chanel's Oil Control Tissues but much more cheap. I've to admit that Chanel's tissues looks a lot more chic than Makeupstore's but I don't think that it's really any difference between the two products (except from the price).
8: Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder- is more a finish powder that you're applying after your foundation to create a matte finish. But I guess it's a product that's very identical to the blothing products. This provides sheer and as I said it gives your skin a matte finish.
9: Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder SPF 15 is a loose powder that you're applying after your foundation so your make-up will last for many more hours. This is an invisible powder. The Photo Set Finishing Powder doesn't just give your make-up a longer stay-on it also gives it a more matte look. It's oil-absorbing, so your skin won't look shiny if you're using this. It's an all-in-one powder!
10: Chanel Oil Control Tissues. This is a product for the one who wants to have touch-ups during the day. The blothing papers creates the perfect mattness and removes all the shine from your face.