Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Review of Make up store's ''Cover all Mix'' concealer

A few months ago I bought a concealer from Make up store, because my friend recommended it. Make up store, is my absolute favourite store of all time, as I've told you many times before:). So I thought why not?, because back at that time i actually hadn't had a good concealer. Anyway, my first impression of the concealer is that the packaging was looking great. I really like the modern look of it, and even though if all of Make up store's products basically has the same appearances. The product has a lid that you're twirling up in circularly movements. I found that very good, because it's basically important to open the lid by mistake.

However, back to the product's containments. The concealer contains three different colours and all of them are ideal for particularly spots in your face. The yellow one neutralizes read parts in your face, like shallow blood-vessels and blotches for example. The orange/pink one neatralizes blue tones in your face, like beneath your eyes, and the beige one is good for highlighting (like beneath your eyebrow) and it's also good for a base on your eyelids. I'm usually mixing the orange/pink and the beige ones together, because I prefer that colour than the orange one. But that's just my personal opinion.

(At piture 2, I've applied the concealer with a brush. Do you see the difference?)

For the first couple of month I applied this with my bare hands and I found the product- just fine. I wasn't as excited about the result the product gave me as my friend was. Why? Well, the product didn't really cover as much as I was hoping for. It felt like the concealer only fastened beside the pimples or the areas that I really needed to cover. It was like the concealer didn't wanted to get stucked where I really wanted it to, and it was soooo annoying, seriously.
So when I almost gave up, an idea popped up in my mind. What if i bought a concealer brush(?!), would that help or not? After some research, I decided to buy a concealer brush from Make up store. I bought a brush called ''Synthetic E/S brush- large (206)''. And I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying how much better that product became. All of a sudden, all of the areas that I wanted to get covered- got covered. I was so happy that this product finally was working out for me. This was seriously the best product- of all time!!

With a concealer brush it gives you the perfect coverage and it's just a lovely product. It doesn't feel like just a thick layer of something, it feels like a smooth product on your skin that really suits in. The only area where I find the product- not as good as the other areas, is beneath your eyes (the area where you're using the orange/pink colour). It actually feels like the product is just a liiiiittle too thick when you're using it there. Although, it's a great product as I've said and I really do recommend you all to buy it. I don't ever think I'll be able to find a concealer in that class. The only negative things about it is that you really need to have a concealer brush to have a good coverage (a concealer brush= extra money you need to spend) and also that the concealer doesn't work as good beneath your eyes.

I give this product:

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