Saturday, 4 June 2011

In the search for the perfect mascara...

(Chanel Mascara Inimitable, Diorshow Iconic and Lancôme Hypnôse).

Now I need your help/opinions! I'm in the search for the perfect mascara for my eyelashes, as I always am, though. My eyelashes are short and not that many on the lower lash-line so I don't like how thick and unnatural my eyelashes are looking when I've applied mascara on the lower lash-line. I want my (future) mascara to be able to lenghten and separate my eyelashes and I also want the mascara to give a natural appearance(!!) to my lashes.

Sooo, there's a whole jungle out there with mascaras, so I asked a pro. She actually recommended me those 3 mascaras (on the picture) that I thought about buying. Right now I'm feeling most sure about the Diorshow Iconic mascara, because I've heard so many good things about it. Now I want you to tell me about which one your(!) favourite mascara is, and if you do have any opinions about those 3 mascaras, please don't doubt typing them in this post, it doesn't matter if they're negative or positive! Without trying to sound desperate: Please help me with this readers!


  1. Hi, stopped by!!! Love buying mascara but so hard to pick one^^!!! I wanna try Lancome!!! Following U, please follow!!! :)

    xo Emma

  2. @ Emma: Yeah, I totally agree!! I've a Lancôme mascara called ''Definicils'', which I soon will publish a review of =D.