Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Make-up!

Did you see The Royal Wedding that was in London yesterday? I did see it, I sat there for 4 hours (I just couldn't get away from the TV)! I cried for like half of the time haha.. Anyway the reason why I wrote this post was not because I wanted to tell you how much I cried or how much I loved the wedding. I just wanted to show you two photos of Kate's wedding make-up. I thought she looked extremly(!!!!!!) beautiful and I really liked the brown/beige/pink colours that her make-up contained. I don't think she wore too much make-up, because if she would had worn less than she did, it wouldn't had looked as good in the camera I think! :). Anyway, I think she looked soooo good!


  1. oh she needed that much make up definitely!!! just the right amount. thanks so much for the comment!!!! feel free to add me!!!

  2. @ Miss Educator: Yeah I definitely agree with you!