Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New products for summer:

Just bought a few products that I thought would be appropriate for the summer. Maybelline ''Pure Mineral Foundation SPF 18'', in the shade ''026 Honey Beige''. Lumene ''Sun Mineral Bronzer'' in the colour called ''02 Afterglow'' (it has some shimmer in it, looks cute). And finally a new (this was basically just a thing I decided to buy in the last minute!) kabuki brush from Kicks called ''Kabuki Brush 110''.


  1. Great products! Curious to see how you like the foundation!

  2. i luv luv luv that kabuki brush~~~and the bronzer looks really good~~~

    Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


  3. Thanks so much for your comment, I'm glad thanks to it I came across with your blog <3
    Cant wait to see photos of you wearing it, maybe do a tutorial for summer make-up looks?
    Im now following you xoxo <3

  4. I pretty much did a drive by at Walgreens yesterday and ended up with $15 of makeup and nail polish- all impulse of course! I'm a bit obsessed with nail polish, but I think a girl can never have too many pretty things.
    Xo Carlina

  5. Great summer stuff. I am still looking for the perfect bronzer! Never heard of "lumene" before, guess its not available in The Netherlands. Too bad. :(

  6. @ Meme: I'm also curious to see how the foundation is like!=D I probably won't be able to try it for a while, because it's not the right shade for me for the moment =(

    @ Jessy: I love it too!! That sounds fantastic, I'll take a look at it =D

    @ effy♥steff: You're absolutely welcome =D. I'll actually thought about doing a tutorial of a summer-look, I'll do it when I'll get the time =)

    @ Allergic to Vanilla: I do recognize myself in that case, lol =D. What kind of makeup did you buy??

    @ lefashionchic: Thanks, well Lumene is a brand from some Norwegian country, it's actually great. Most (or all) of their products are mineral. I really like them. If you're lucky their products might be available in the place where you live =D

    @ Emma, Yeah I understand that!! For how long time have you been away from Kicks? =)

  7. Oeh the lumine looks like something I could really use this summer!


  8. i want a kabuki brush too:P
    i bought this bronzer from body shop its pretty nice too

  9. @ SteffyRoos: Yeah that brand is really great!!

    @ vnikali: Yeah, they're great!! Oh nice, I've actually wanted to try a bronzer from The Body Shop for a while now. What's it called? =D

  10. Oooh, Kabuki brush! It looks so fluffy!

  11. @ Dana: Yeah, it's very fluffy and comfy for your skin while using it =D

  12. Great products! I love and want the brush! :)



  13. @ J'Adore Fashion: Yeah it's great!! =D

  14. The bronzer looks nice. Pretty dark but is good when tanned.

  15. @ Minna: Yup, but it isn't as dark as it looks like though =D

  16. bronzer is the new must!
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    nice day!

  17. @ Urban Couture 53: Yeah it totally is!=D Aww, thanks, I'll take a look at your blog rapidly.