Monday, 8 August 2011

YSL Fall 2011 Collection

WOW!! These pictures from YSL Fall 2011 are just breathtaking. Don't you think? It's absolutely gorgeous. The main colours in this collection are purple, blue and green as you can see. For me it couldn't be more appropriate for fall. I love it!!

(Image 3):The eyeshadow quad is called ''Jardin de Minuit'' and contains 5 different shades (1 dark-green, 1 mint-green and 3 purple shades). My favourite shades from this quad is the mint-green and the 2 lilac shades to the right.

(Image 4):The nailpolishes are also absolutely gorgeous! I love that they contain a little glitter, that make them look more luxurious I think. My personal favourite of those two is the dark-blue one. I think that colour is the ''most appropriate'' one for fall of them two.

(Image 5):There are also 6 new lipsticks in this collection, they're called ''Rouge Volupté Perlé''. I'd say that the shades are definitely appropriate for the fall, but I'd say that the shades are a little different (two of the shades are purple). But the other shades are absolutely gorgeous I think. I really like that they've made a nude lipstick, so that you can wear it with the ''Jardin de Minuit''-quad. The red and the light-red lipstick are just absolutely GORGEOUS! Love them!!

(Image 6):As you can see, there are also 5 new blushes, called ''Blush Radiance''. I'm really interested of the first 3 ones, just because that I think that they would fit perfect with a look that's fall-inspired, if you know what I mean. I really want them!

(Some of the information given is taken from HERE!)


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