Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chanel Éclat Lumière Concealer

I really want a new concealer. Not because my old one is making me disappointed, but because of the fact that I love to try new make-up products. So I've done some (okay A LOT, I admit) research about different concealers and one concealer that I really got stuck with was this one from Chanel called ''Éclat Lumière Concealer''. It seems amazing because of the reviews that I've read, of the AMAZING appearance and because of the result that it's supposed to give you (which is the most important thing of a product of course)!

The way that this concealer will benefit you, is that it's just not a concealer, it's also a highlighter. You can use it in dark areas in your face. It'll also reduce the appearances of fine lines and lighten dark circles. This Chanel product comes in 3 different shades and you can see them on the picture above. I don't know which colour's going to benefit me the most, so I'll have to go to a store so someone professional can help me to choose a good shade for me. Anyway, it's supposed to be an amazing concealer, according to all of the reviews, but if you do have any kind of thoughts about this concealer though, type them in this post! I'll be glad if you'll be able help me! :)