Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My favourite fragrances (so far)!

First I just have to say that all of these fragrances smells AMAZING! Just so you know :). Here's the names of them... 1: YSL Parisienne EdP, 2: Chloé Signature Edp, 3: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, 4: Lancôme Tresor in Love Edp, 5: Vera Wang Princess EdT, 6: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, 7: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Edp, 8: Lanvin Marry me! EdP.


  1. We have a very similar taste in fragrances. I use Vera Wang's Princess and I adore it. I really would like to try Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

    If I may add another perfume to this list, it should be Miss Dior Cherie. It is just delicious!

    Thank you very much for your comment. I really liked your blog, it is not that easy to find make-up oriented blogs that won't look like an online-catalog. Congratulations for running a pretty blog like this :) I am following now.

    See you soon!

  2. @ Ana Patricia: My gosh! How could I forget Miss Dior Cherie?? That's my favourite fragrance of all time! Thank you so much sweetheart, your comment really means a lot to me =)

  3. I love vera wang princess!

    I'm a new follower ♥ Thanks for visiting my site.

    Cute website!

  4. I love marc jacobs daisy! Favorite of all time. :)

  5. @ Lindsie Lee ♥: I just love that too, thanks I'm glad you like my blog!!

    @ KellyMarie: I LOVE that fragrance too!! =D