Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Review of L´oréal Paris True Match Foundation!

This is my L´oréal Paris True Match Foundations that I bought for a year or so. I really like these bottles that the foundation comes in. They're practical and the pump is awesome (I prefer foundations with pumps)! The price of this foundation is really good also, it only costs approximately £10. This is great for the people who wants a budget-foundation! Anyway, I don't feel like this is an amazing foundation, BUT for the low price I can't be more than happy about it. Let's tell you why I think this way...

I really like this foundation because it's lightweight and you don't think of the fact so much that you're wearing make-up. The formula isn't oily, which is really good too, because I hate when you're getting shiny in your fore-head for example. L´oréal promises you a build-up coverage and I agree about that. I feel like you're getting more coverage the more foundation you're using, and I like it. It still won't look unnatural if you're doing this build-up coverage thing hehe. My personal opinion is that this foundation will last for maximum 9 hours(!), absolutely not more than that! Overall it's a good foundation, and I'm pleased with it.

I give this product: